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Prophecy, a strange and powerful thing, one that changed everything for Serena. She not only discovered she is a child of prophecy but that the old Olympian Gods thought to be myths were very real. But what was truly surprising was she was now one of them thanks to her mother Thetis, Goddess of the Seas and Queen of the fifty Nereids.

Prophesied to be stronger than her estranged father, Zeus himself, with divine powers that could disrupt the very order of the Olympians and the world itself. Serena must learn quickly how to control the overwhelming powers building inside her.

If only cosmic powers were the worst of what Serena had to deal with, but with her existence revealed to the Gods, many seek to kill her before she learns just how powerful she truly is. The only way to do that is to try and convince them she has no intention of destroying them—would they listen, or would she have to take on the very Gods themselves to survive?


All artwork done by Yashushi Matsuoka at Yasu Art Studio | Yasu Matsuoka | Artist and Illustrator

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