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Ares - God of war and battlelust

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

He sat on a cushion made of human skin. It was the least pleasing to look at. He had short, light brown hair, his face bore a light brown stubble and cold icy blue eyes. His left ear adorned by a large hanging brass cross earring and around his neck was a leather cord with a large brass arrowhead which was used to kill Ekhidnades, the giant son of Echidna, and a great enemy of the gods. He wore a hooded black leather tunic decorated with white gold flames etched along the high collar line. His waist was decorated by a matching large girdle holding his broad sword. His wrist bands of white gold were adorned with bright rubies. Ares was volatile at best, often known to hold no social morals as he was the embodiment of brutal warfare and slaughter. Zeus referred to him on many occasions as the most hateful of the gods.

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