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Burden of the Truthe: Book Blurp

Serena, goddess of the sea and serenity's world had been turned upside down. Not only did she find out that there were such things as “Olympian Gods” but she had to face the fact that she was the daughter of Thetis, goddess of the sea, queen of the fifty Nereids and the king of the gods, Zeus. Not only is she the daughter of two powerful gods, she is said to be a child from a prophecy more than two thousand years old. A prophecy that said she would be more powerful than her estranged father Zeus, capable of disrupting the divine order of the Olympians. She must learn to control this overwhelming power inside her that had been hidden away for so long, as she must now face the council of the Olympians to convince them she has no intentions of destroying them. But things are not so easy, for amongst those very Olympians are those who wish her dead, and those who have plotted with her very own mother for her existence.


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