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Hera - Queen of the gods and the goddess of marriage, women, the sky, and the stars of heaven

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

She was a tall, slim beautiful woman with dark brown eyes, long dark brown hair carefully pinned on her head by golden circlets and pearls, with strands of hair hanging down on her shoulders. She wore an elegant floor length white silk dress sewn and embroidered with golden thread. Although she was very physically attractive, her vengeful, vindictive and high-temper personality drowned out her beauty. She had no concept of justice when angry or jealous, and she could not forgive women with whom Zeus had sexual relations, even if they were innocent of wrongdoings. She despised all of Zeus’ illegitimate children and she was known to turn her anger towards mortals. For example, she started the Trojan war simply because Paris, the Trojan prince, chose Aphrodite as the most beautiful woman. Enraged and jealous over the prophecy of an offspring by Thetis, with whom Zeus had fallen madly in love with, she convinced Zeus Thetis’ involvement in the possible destruction of Atlantis, Olympian’s and perhaps the entire universe. She is responsible for sealing the sea nymph’s fate of banishment to the human realm.

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