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Thetis, a sea nymph, goddess of water, daughter of the ancient sea god Nereus was banished from Atlantis and Olympia to live amongst the human realm in fear of a prophecy foretold that she would bear a child from Zeus, a child more powerful than Zeus himself. A child who could flip the tides and overthrow the king of the Gods. Zeus, and all the Olympian gods could not allow this prophecy to take place, and give birth to a figure of cosmic capacity, capable of unsettling the divine order. For thousands of years, it was believed that the prophecy was avoided…until Iris, female messenger of the gods brings forth a message that will change everything! After all, it was foolish to believe that one could escape destiny.


Hanging in the Balance: The Divine Order of the Olympians - Paperback

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  • Paperback copy of Hanging in the Balance: The Divine order of the Olympians including a 5x7 of the book cover illustration and a 5x7 bonus illustration of Triton & Serena 

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