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…you cannot run from fate…
…the prophecy of the godchild has been fulfilled… at least in part…

Rising from her mortal coil and human life, Serena now sits upon the very throne of Zeus himself to rule and command the Olympian deities, whether they are willing or not.

The three sisters of Fate show little remorse for the new leader of the gods, and their twisted trials push Serena to her breaking point, all to prove she is worthy of such an honor.

But soon, Serena discovers not all those who stood by her did so with honest intent and the lines of friend and foe blur in a dangerous weave for power and corruption. Will she be able to hold onto her power and prove her rightful place among the gods? Or will it all prove too much for her and throw the world into madness and chaos?


All artwork done by Yashushi Matsuoka at Yasu Art Studio | Yasu Matsuoka | Artist and Illustrator

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