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Catherine Gagnon

Catherine Gagnon

Author of Divine Order of the Olympians

Click here to read all about me and my grandest adventure which I call life!

You can also see sneak peeks of my up and coming novel Hanging in the Balance which you can


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Divine Order of the Olympians

Serena: Goddess of Serenity and Triton: son of Poseidon

Book 1

Hanging In the Balance

A seemingly normal young woman with a love and passion for the sea, Serena makes a drastic change and moves to Hawaii to follow her dreams of becoming a marine biologist. But she soon discovers that her mother has carried a secret about her all her life that will change everything.

Burden of the Truth front.jpg

Book 2

Burden of Truth

Trying to maneuver in a world of Gods with their constant planning and plotting, the twists and turns has Serena spinning in circles trying to find her place.

The New Order Cover Front.jpg

Book 3

The New Order

The world is growing more and more turbulent. Things aren't always as they seem and you can't trust anyone. Gods lie more than regular people do!

Meet The Team


Catherine Gagnon

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Massage therapist with utter love for travel and writing,  I invite you to join me on this wonderful journey hoping you will fall in love with Hawaii and Greek Mythology the way I did. 


Amanda Bourassa

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Book enthusiast and Hobby Reader. She's turned her passion into a career by becoming a freelance editor. 

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Yasushi Matsuoka

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Yasushi Matsuoka is a self-taught Japanese artist who creates mermaid and mythology-themed art prints for private art collections, galleries, and interior design installations. He is the artist who skillfully brought to life Triton & Serena and gave us beautiful covers.

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