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A seemingly normal young woman with a love and passion for the sea, Serena makes a drastic change and moves to Hawaii to follow her dreams of becoming a marine biologist. But she soon discovers that her mother has carried a secret about her all her life that will change everything.

Thetis, a sea nymph, goddess of water, daughter of the ancient sea god Nereus was banished from Atlantis and Olympia to live amongst the human realm in fear of a prophecy foretold that she would bear a child from Zeus, a child more powerful than Zeus himself. A child who could flip the tides and overthrow the king of the Gods. Zeus, and all the Olympian gods could not allow this prophecy to take place, and give birth to a figure of cosmic capacity, capable of unsettling the divine order. For thousands of years, it was believed that the prophecy was avoided…until Iris, female messenger of the gods brings forth a message that will change everything! After all, it was foolish to believe that one could escape destiny. 


All artwork done by Yashushi Matsuoka at Yasu Art Studio | Yasu Matsuoka | Artist and Illustrator

Prophecy, a strange and powerful thing, one that changed everything for Serena. She not only discovered she is a child of prophecy but that the old Olympian Gods thought to be myths were very real. But what was truly surprising was she was now one of them thanks to her mother Thetis, Goddess of the Seas and Queen of the fifty Nereids.

Prophesied to be stronger than her estranged father, Zeus himself, with divine powers that could disrupt the very order of the Olympians and the world itself. Serena must learn quickly how to control the overwhelming powers building inside her.

If only cosmic powers were the worst of what Serena had to deal with, but with her existence revealed to the Gods, many seek to kill her before she learns just how powerful she truly is. The only way to do that is to try and convince them she has no intention of destroying them—would they listen, or would she have to take on the very Gods themselves to survive?


…you cannot run from fate…
…the prophecy of the godchild has been fulfilled… at least in part…

Rising from her mortal coil and human life, Serena now sits upon the very throne of Zeus himself to rule and command the Olympian deities, whether they are willing or not.

The three sisters of Fate show little remorse for the new leader of the gods, and their twisted trials push Serena to her breaking point, all to prove she is worthy of such an honor.

But soon, Serena discovers not all those who stood by her did so with honest intent and the lines of friend and foe blur in a dangerous weave for power and corruption. Will she be able to hold onto her power and prove her rightful place among the gods? Or will it all prove too much for her and throw the world into madness and chaos?




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When 29 year old Serena decides to make a one-eighty with her life and move to Hawaii, she has no idea that binding fates have arranged an adventure of cosmic capacity.

I read it this weekend and couldn’t put it down. Rooted by characters from Greek mythology while based in the modern world, this book is a delicious love story and perfect summer read.

Can’t wait for book 2!



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This book gave me more insight in Greek mythology . I learned about the twelve Olympians .
Thank you for the this great giveaway .

I enjoy the book :)

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